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Summer is here and we are all excited to get outside for the refreshing ocean breeze, sweet ice cream, and tasty burgers. However, there is more to experience the outdoors than just barbecues and beaches. Research has shown that having a great time outdoors can actually make you healthier. Whether you spend time in your backyard, camping, biking or escaping into the woods, both your body and Continue Reading →

Enhance your outdoor space by creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing place where you can relax, gather, cook and entertain yourself with amazing hardscaping designs. The right patio design can add an increased functional area to your landscape and outdoor living space by making it more accessible to your guests. By selecting the right design, a seamless transition will be Continue Reading →

Do you want to incorporate your unique personality and taste to reflect in your patio? Today, patios are no longer just flat, plain spaces where you put a few pieces of outdoor furniture. Patios have become an outlet where homeowners can reflect their true character and values. Doesn't creating a patio that elegantly tells your life story sound like a worthy pursuit? Moreover, there are a Continue Reading →

If you are tired of spending all of your time inside, create a great outdoor space and get out there to enjoy the fresh air and the sunshine. The outdoors are synonymous for improving your mental and emotional well-being, much more so than the indoors can. If this sounds familiar to you, now could be the ideal time to create a perfect outdoor space that's inviting, and will allow you to spend Continue Reading →

Seeking a landscape designer? If so, you will want to know, prepare, and ask the right questions to your landscape designer. This will go a long way in helping to avoid some of the most common mistakes. Before you go ahead and hire the first landscape designer you meet, think about your specific preferences and how your landscaper will serve them. Not all designers will be able to transform Continue Reading →

Wouldn't you think that planting grass and trees in your yard would be a simple way to guarantee that you are benefiting the environment? Well, that might be true, but it also depends on the type of grass or trees you’ve planted, the methods you used to control pests and disease, and finally, the plant's thirst level which determines the frequency of required watering and fertilizing. With Continue Reading →

  A majority of homeowners consider their outdoor spaces as a personal oasis, a place where they can dine, relax and spend some time with friends and family. In this light, it makes perfect sense that homeowners should consider making major investments on features that will transform their outdoor areas. In a recently conducted survey, more than half of homeowners were classified as Continue Reading →

Making an impressive first impression is just as important for houses as it is for people. Give your home the best chance to make a superb first impression with viewers or potential buyers. To do this, you must keep your driveway in top shape. Quality driveways not only show that you care about your home, but these also provide a superior aesthetic view. Listed below are a few additional Continue Reading →

As a building owner (both residential and commercial), you surely strive to help your visitors or client feel comfortable about visiting your property. Research has found that it takes only 7 seconds for someone to form a first impression, so to create positive first impressions about your building, you should never underestimate the power that landscaping can have. There are, however, a few Continue Reading →

Upgrade your backyard and patio and enjoy outdoor living. Outdoor living is a concept that has been rising in popularity over the past few years. It’s a great way to relax from the hustle and bustle of life. Adding an extension of your home to nature will improve it’s beauty and functionality. It’s also an investment that will add value to your house. Continue Reading →