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Concrete pavers are a reliable choice for sidewalks, driveways, pool decks, and patios. They are more colorful than brick, more durable than asphalt and more affordable than stone. They provide an attractive, yet practical choice anywhere on your property. Pavers are divided into two main categories: architectural slab and interlocking. Interlocking pavers are mainly used on driveways since Continue Reading →

Talk to any realtor, and they will let you know how important curb appeal is when it comes to increasing the value of a home. But we don’t need a realtor to tell us that curb appeal to a home is just as vital to homeowners themselves as it is to prospective buyers. Even if you are not selling your home, creating curb appeal makes it a more attractive and inviting place to relax with friends Continue Reading →

Faced with escalating cost of energy, homeowners are now looking for ways to conserve energy in their homes. Proper landscaping can make a huge difference in the amount of energy required to maintain a comfortable home. It is a cost effective yet eye-pleasing way homeowners can use to reduce heating and cooling costs. Proper use of vines, trees, shrubs, hedges, and grasses can modify the Continue Reading →

Everybody knows the fact that pavers either brick or travertine, make a significant statement about a home! When correctly chosen, the color of your pavers should harmonize with your landscape, the tone of your home and the surrounding environment. You can bring more character and light to your driveway, patio or pool with any of the color options you will select. It is important that you Continue Reading →

Choosing the type of pavers to use on your outdoor landscape can be a doubting task. Especially due to the fact that there are many different types of pavers available in the market today. Different pavers suit different outdoor landscape projects. It would be a waste of time and money if the wrong type of pavers were to be installed. That is why we have complied for you a list of 13 different Continue Reading →

Finally, summer is here, and it has brought more sunshine with it. By simply adding a few decorative touches, you will get your patio and backyard ready for these summer days and nights. Creating an inviting oasis in your backyard can provide you and your family with a wonderful way to squeeze in some peaceful relaxation after a long day of work. Also, upgrading your backyard does not Continue Reading →

Summer is here and we are all excited to get outside for the refreshing ocean breeze, sweet ice cream, and tasty burgers. However, there is more to experience the outdoors than just barbecues and beaches. Research has shown that having a great time outdoors can actually make you healthier. Whether you spend time in your backyard, camping, biking or escaping into the woods, both your body and Continue Reading →

Enhance your outdoor space by creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing place where you can relax, gather, cook and entertain yourself with amazing hardscaping designs. The right patio design can add an increased functional area to your landscape and outdoor living space by making it more accessible to your guests. By selecting the right design, a seamless transition will be Continue Reading →

Do you want to incorporate your unique personality and taste to reflect in your patio? Today, patios are no longer just flat, plain spaces where you put a few pieces of outdoor furniture. Patios have become an outlet where homeowners can reflect their true character and values. Doesn't creating a patio that elegantly tells your life story sound like a worthy pursuit? Moreover, there are a Continue Reading →

If you are tired of spending all of your time inside, create a great outdoor space and get out there to enjoy the fresh air and the sunshine. The outdoors are synonymous for improving your mental and emotional well-being, much more so than the indoors can. If this sounds familiar to you, now could be the ideal time to create a perfect outdoor space that's inviting, and will allow you to spend Continue Reading →