Landscape Design by One of the Leading Hardscape Contractors in the Bay Area

As one of the leading hardscape contractors in SF Bay Area, Viking Pavers offers professional landscape design services to fit your budget. We can provide sketches and digital renderings that help you visualize your project. When you partner with us for basic design services or for more complex work, we’ve got you covered.

Bay Area Landscape Design Plans

In this example, our project manager and landscape designer consulted with a client who asked us to create a backyard oasis. The project scope included a dining area, an outdoor kitchen, a bar with seating, a fire pit, synthetic grass, and a bocce ball court. Our designer came up with the plan shown below. Once the design was approved, a digital rendering, and price quote was provided.

Sample Plan

Bay Area landscape design service

Digital Renderings

A digital rendering is the ideal way to get a visual on your paving project. A digital photograph of your property is taken and then loaded into our digital rendering software where pavers, retaining walls, and lighting preferences are defined. When we’re done, you’ll have a visual aid that helps you determine what the job will look like.


Original photo of a Bay Area home

bay area landscape design services

Sample Visual Paver Render 1

bay area hardscape driveway design service company

Sample Visual Paver Render 2

landscape designer bay area


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